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Where are you going to live in the French Pays Basque?

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Maybe you are being transferred to the region because of your job or you have decided to move of your own accord. Irrespective of why you are moving ,when you get here you need to have a roof over your head!

There are several ways you can go but as they say, "When in Rome!"

Well when in France, everyone uses

Okay ,I'm getting ahead of myself. I should probably first go over your options before jumping to my choice


So here they are:

1) Go through a real estate agency (most do not speak English)

2) Scour through the internet, aimlessly searching and clicking in the hope of stumbling across something.

3) Depend on friends,family or colleagues to help you out.

4) Check into a hotel or an air bnb and look around when you arrive.

Based on my experience the best way to go is to use

What exactly is leboncoin? Well it is an economic hub of transactions that goes on between France's citizens with respect to buying,selling and the offering of services. This is how I found our first rental and our home.

How does it work?

Well basically ,individuals (les particulieres) or companies (les professionnels) post independently what they want to rent or sell. They post several photos, have a description and contact information.

What do you need ?

A basic understanding of French to navigate around the site and to be able to fill out your search requirements. Don't sweat it. I will explain everything below!

You need to know the towns,villages and their postal codes that you are interested in.

What don't you need?

To sign up

To pay to use the site.

Hope this has been helpful!

Cote Basque,Biarritz,France

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